2018 Agendas

The December 13, 2018 ALUC Commission Meeting will be held at the Riverside County Administrative Center with live streaming available.      

Click here during the meeting to see live video.

Video recordings of past ALUC meetings held at the Riverside County Administrative Center, beginning with the November 12, 2015 meeting, are available on this page.  Audio recordings (on CDs) of ALUC public hearings prior to that date are available, and may be purchased for $12.50 from ALUC staff.

Instructions: Click the name of the document below to open

Meeting Date Video
 1-11-18 Agenda  1-11-18 Video
 2-8-18  DARK  No Meeting
 3-8-18 Agenda 3-8-18 Video 
 4-12-18 Agenda 4-12-18 Video 
5-10-18 Agenda  5-10-18 Video 
6-14-18 Agenda  6-14-18 Video 
7-12-18 Agenda  7-12-18 Video 
8-9-18 Agenda 8-9-18 Video
9-13-18 Agenda 9-13-18 Video
10-11-18 Agenda 10-11-18 Video
11-8-18 Agenda 11-8-18 Video
12-13-18 Agenda  


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